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Welcome to “Guttestreker”

The name Guttestreker comes from an old norwegian word, discribing young boys doing pranks. At the same time it also means “Lines drawn by boys”. This makes it the perfect name for our art.

We are two Oslo based artist who started working together in the late fall of 2015.

We are very concerned about the current state of the world today. And this becomes a big drive in our work. We are in a constant state of debate, arguing over the solutions. This gives our work many layers, as its based in philosophy, history and science. “

Our main goal is to make fun and playful images with a more serious underlying message underneath. And hopefully this will inspire people to make a positive impact on the world.

Please explore our Art collections that also can be purchased on this site. Our commissions also keeps getting updated with new works. Do not hesitate in making contacts…

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Whetever you have questions about a particular art work, print options, sizes or customizations please dont hesitate in makeing contact.