Primal Thoughts
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Primal Thoughts

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Production Year2018
TechniquePen & markers
Numbered Edition30
Motif Size100x70 cm


Millions of years ago, mountains in the east of Africa arose from the ground, as two crustal plates moved towards each other. This changed the ecosystem drastically on the west side of the mountain range. As a result, some primates in the region started to evolve in to what is now known as Homo Sapiens. Over many generations, their genes had mutated to be more adaptable to their new environment. These new creatures spread all around the world, and are now in the proses of destroying the natural habitat of all the other species we share this planet with.

Research has shown that there where a radical change in the human brain about eighty thousand years ago. This has been linked to when we started to grill our meat and fish on the fire. This made it easier for our body to extract more protein from our food, which in turn allowed our brain to grow even further. Since then, we have achieved a massive technological evolution, which has made a huge ledge between us and the other living things on the planet.

The primate in the picture are suppose to represent «The missing link» between the other monkeys and us. It sits and fantasizes about training a parrot to be a postman who can bring messages to other likeminded primates around the jungle.

The big question we want you to consider, is whether or not there are only humans who have the capacity to fantasize and philosophize about life and the universe. Is there any other animals on this earth, or anywhere else in the universe, that has consciousness like us? Either way, we have a responsibility as the most evolved and destructive creature on earth, to take care of the other beings we share this planet with. So that the ecosystems don’t collapse and we have to find a new planet to live our lives on.