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Wars are fought by young men, ready to die for god and country. At a safe distance, older men play with there lives and command them to take the lives of other young men, in different uniforms.  The scene is set to the mighty Colosseum, where gladiators fought to the death for fame, glory and freedom, to the applause of thousands of spectators. As time went by, the roman empire fell, and its traditions with it. Today we feel that these grotesquely games that played out centuries ago, are a thing if the past. But have we as aspecies really changed that much since then?In the foreground of

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The picture illustrates the animal within the man. In the center of the picture there is a desperate man running towards the forrest. He is a stone-age man, who lived among the other animals on the savanna, about twenty years ago. Since then, the humans have done huge leaps in technology. This has led us to believe that we are a special being, different from all the other animals living on this planet. The man is running towards the forrest and the tree of life, which is threatened on different fronts. Huge waves, representing global warming, are coming crushing down from the left. At

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The picture illustrates a mad man consuming the world. Sucking up all the worlds resources with a big straw. At the same time, a black hole is about to devour the earth. A monkey is hanging from a tree, while talking on the phone and drinking a smoothie. He is a metaphor, showing that humans are still animals, we have just got modern technology and enjoyments. At the same time, he has a wedding ring, showing the commitments the animal has to live by, in this comfortable modern world. A hot air balloon glides towards the horizon. Inside there is a grandfather who has taken his grandchild

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The picture is illustrating the lavish party we in the west are living in. With alcohol in every glass, we are drinking our selfs even dumber, toast after toast. If you want to join the party, you better get something in your glass, before someone asks you why in the world you are not drinking? Alcohol brings not only death and destruction, but can also bring different people from all classes and cultures together. The laughter is loose and contemporary friendships are made and broken in and instant. If you master the social codes, you can clime high on the social latter. There you may

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The picture is illustrating the human made pollution that has been going on for almost 200 years. But it is only in the recent years, that we feel the effects on our bodies. But still as humans are gasping for air outside our window, we do not seem to care. We continue to fly, heat up our lavish homes, and enrich ourselves on the black gold. The party in the building down in the right corner is suppose to represent the huge oil party we have had here in Norway. We have hit the jackpot and are living large. At the same time, the monkey from the «Human nature»-picture are unhappy about the

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Millions of years ago, mountains in the east of Africa arose from the ground, as two crustal plates moved towards each other. This changed the ecosystem drastically on the west side of the mountain range. As a result, some primates in the region started to evolve in to what is now known as Homo Sapiens. Over many generations, their genes had mutated to be more adaptable to their new environment. These new creatures spread all around the world, and are now in the proses of destroying the natural habitat of all the other species we share this planet with. Research has shown that there

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The picture depicts how the refugees are met when they enter the west, in hope of a better future. They are on the run from a unbearable situation where there needs are not cared for. When they finally stand in front of the border of the western world, they are met with a huge wall and emotionally driven guards. The theme of the picture is set to a fantasy world about 1000 years ago. This is because we in the west think that the immigrants are physically and mentally stuck in the middle ages. At the same time, this thoughts about the immigrants are old-fashion and out of touch with

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The picture illustrates how humans has invaded each other since the beginning of time. In the middle, we see a ship sailing for distant shores. It is Hernando Cortés, sailing from Cuba towards the Aztec empire, at the beginning of the 16th century. Just a couple of decades after the Aztecs had expanded their empire with force, both to the north and to the south. This emphasizes that even though these to cultures of humans had been separated for thousands of years, they still act the same brutal way.  On board of the ship of Hernando Cortés we find the crew. Every one of them

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Et kinesisk selskap ønsker å lage nord-europas største gruve og pumpe gruveavfallet rett ut i førde-fjorden. Denne fjorden benyttes av villaksen for å komme inn til yteområdet sitt, som befinner seg i en innsjø litt lengre opp i dalen. Samtidig driver vi oppdrett av laks i munningen av fjorden, som vi igjen selger tilbake til kineserne. Fjorden på bildet er fiktiv, men handlingen er hentet fra virkeligheten. Stolen på toppen av fjellet, er den tomme stolen til Liu Xaiobo. Han fikk fredsprisen i 2010, men ble nektet å motta prisen av kinesiske myndigheter. Han satt på det tidspunktet

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If the humans continue to neglect the warning signs from the scientists, we might end up with a totally different planet, not far from the one depicted in this picture. By dumping toxic and radio active waste in our fragile nature, mutations may accrue, that in the worst case scenario will change our hole environment. In this fictional dystopia of the future, we have made a giant Godzilla, mutated from old DNA of an extinct dinosaur. It has risen from the depths of the sea to take revenge on the destructive spices we call man. Then our top modern fighter jets and war ships will not stand

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