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The picture is illustrating the lavish party we in the west are living in. With alcohol in every glass, we are drinking our selfs even dumber, toast after toast. If you want to join the party, you better get something in your glass, before someone asks you why in the world you are not drinking? Alcohol brings not only death and destruction, but can also bring different people from all classes and cultures together. The laughter is loose and contemporary friendships are made and broken in and instant. If you master the social codes, you can clime high on the social latter. There you may

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The picture depicts how the refugees are met when they enter the west, in hope of a better future. They are on the run from a unbearable situation where there needs are not cared for. When they finally stand in front of the border of the western world, they are met with a huge wall and emotionally driven guards. The theme of the picture is set to a fantasy world about 1000 years ago. This is because we in the west think that the immigrants are physically and mentally stuck in the middle ages. At the same time, this thoughts about the immigrants are old-fashion and out of touch with

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The scene is set to the mighty Colosseum, where gladiators fought to the death for fame, glory and freedom, to the applause of thousands of spectators. As time went by, the roman empire fell, and its traditions with it. Today we feel that these grotesquely games that played out centuries ago, are a thing if the past. But have we as a species really changed that much since then? In the foreground of the picture, there are human-like primates, representing us. We are all in plane sight of the devastating war, destroying a land far away. But we dont seem to notice the killing of our

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