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Illustrated Philosophy

The artist duo; Guttestreker, consisting of Petter Malterud Grøndahl and Christoffer Kroge Christensen, has collaborated since a late night drawing session in the fall of 2015. Their collective artistic vision quickly materialised and has since made them a household name in the Norwegian capital. While neither of them having a formal artistic education has given them a non-traditional approach to art, and their method and creative process is anchored in what they refer to as Illustrated Philosophy.

Their beliefs are of science, and their art follows its tenets. Based on scientific discoveries, historical events and academic literature each artwork often has a defined thematic focus. Be it feast, famine, religion or exploitation, Guttestreker’s goal is to lure the spectator in and make them deliberate on the challenges facing their generation. These dystopian depictions are made utilising minute details in grand compositions, all of which focus the attention of the viewer towards the overarching thematic of the individual artwork. Often this dystopia is pictured with funny figures, exciting perspectives and vibrant colours, this is a conscious effort by the artists. By making the artworks more accessible and exciting to the audience they aim to inform and educate while keeping with their own visually exhilarating aesthetic.

Enjoy a quick introduction to a few of their works!

Petter Malterud Grøndahl
Born: 26.11.1989 – Nærsnes, Asker

Christoffer Kroge Christensen
Born: 13.01.1990 Drøbak

Petter Malterud Grøndahl
Born: 26.11.1989 – Nærsnes, Asker

Christoffer Kroge Christensen
Born: 13.01.1990 Drøbak

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2023 “Vibrant Worlds” Grieg Hallen, Bergen
  • 2022 “Systemica Epidemica”, Galleri Fenka, Levanger
  • 2022 “Post Apocalyptic Adventures”. Galleri ER, Sandefjord
  • 2021 “Sunny on a Dark Night”, Gategalleriet, Bergen
  • 2021 “Bacchanalia”, Galleri BI-Z, Kristiansand
  • 2021 “Toxic World”, Galleri FineArt, Oslo
  • 2020 “Royal Reflections”, Soli Brug, Sarpsborg
  • 2020 Rælingen Kunstforening
  • 2019 Guttestreker Studios, Oslo
  • 2018 Maria Black, Oslo
  • 2018 Trevarefabrikken, Henningsvær, Lofoten
  • 2016 Twisted Corner, Oslo

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 Gallery Opening, DETOUR Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
  • 2023 Gallery opening, DUER Gallery, Oslo
  • 2023 “Undergrunnsutstillingen 5”, Hells Angels Oslo
  • 2022 “OFF THE WALL” KÖSK Gallery, Oslo
  • 2021 “As Far As My Eyes Can Sea”, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal
  • 2021 “In the Eyes of the Child”, Oslo kunsthall
  • 2020 Sommerutstilling, FineArt, Oslo
  • 2020 Sommerutstilling, Soli Brug, Sarpsborg
  • 2020 Sommerutstilling, Galleri Giga, Stord
  • 2020 Oslo Open, korona avlyst
  • 2020 Lions Club, galleri Langhus, korona avlyst
  • 2020 GIFC (got it for cheap), The Hole, New York City, USA
  • 2019 Undergrunnsutstillingen 3, Hells Angels, Oslo
  • 2019 GIFC, Galleri Golsa, Trondheim
  • 2019 GIFC, Galleri Golsa, Oslo
  • 2019 Oslo Open
  • 2018 Juleutstillingen, Galleri FineArt, Oslo
  • 2018 Collective Oslo Art and Fashion festival, Oslo
  • 2018 Undergrunnsutstillingen 2, Hells Angels, Oslo
  • 2018 Oslo Nowhere, Oslo
  • 2017 Undergrunnsutstillingen 1, Hells Angels Oslo
  • 2017 Frysja Closing, Oslo
  • 2016 Lyssky 1, Oslo
  • 2016 Rotløs, Oslo

Comissioned work

  • 2022 Amnesty International Norway, we did a free commision about Beijing Olympics and their “Sportswashing”.
  • 2021 Poster for Too Good To Go. all proceeds donated to The UN food program
  • 2020 2 novella front pages for the Family Welfare Service, curated by Trigger, Oslo
  • 2019 Snowboard design for Funky Snowboards (ITA), Ulrik Badertscher’s pro model
  • 2019 Wall Painting, Bjølsen, Badebakken, Oslo, for OBOS Project AS
  • 2019 Wall painting, Hasle Subway station, Oslo, for stor Oslo AS
  • 2019 Wall painting, Uvisst Bar, Stavanger
  • 2019 Ski design for Volkl Norge, Tendenser
  • 2019 Decoration for boken Syndige Folkeeventyr
  • 2018 Album Cover for KA2
  • 2018 Created the entirety of the visual profile for  Oslo Runway (Oslo Fashion Week)
  • 2017 Clothing design for Lee Jeans, all proceeds donated to WWF
  • 2017 Album Cover for the artist “Kamelen” album “Ambivalent”