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Funky Snowboards (Italy)

Ulrik Badertscher is a legendary snowboarder and a good friend of ours, so we were stoked when he asked us to make the graphics on his pro model for “Funky Snowbords”! The board
reflects his playful personality and his love for outer space and monkeys.

The Art Collective x Guttestreker ​

The Art Collective is a painting school located in Oslo. When Corona hit the city, they were forced to close shop, and had to think creatively to stay above water. They came up with the idea of an art home-kit and asked us if we wanted to collaborate. We are really happy with the result and glad to have made two new friends!

Illustrations for Familievernet

“Familevernet” is a government organisation which helps families that are on the brink of falling apart. They wanted us to illustrate some short stories, written by established authors, based on real life events. A fun, but also quite serious task, where we got to reflect on our own lives and relationships.

Designed Volkl skiis for Tendenzer

Tendenzer asked us if we wanted to make a one-of-a-kind design for their brand new “Volkl Revolt 121” skis. We could not resist the opportunity and were happy to oblige! Petter took them for a test run on 60cm fresh pow in Chamonix, surely on of his best days on snow.

Visual profile for Oslo Fashion Week

We made the visual profile for Oslo Fashion Week in 2018, sponsored by Mercedes. The fashion industry is one of the worlds most polluted industries, so we made a design that reflected this, but at the same time celebrated the creative bursts of the designers.


Microsoft asked us if we wanted to try out their new Surface Studio, which is a huge touchscreen that you can draw on. It is a great tool for creating digital art, and we use itvalmost every day for colouring. The pen creates a friction on the screen, so it almost feels like a real pen or marker. We also created a commercial for there SoMe when Petter went to Lofoten Islands, with his friend and filmmaker Trond.

Collab with Lee Jeans

We were contacted by Lee jeans in the fall of 2017, and they asked us if we wanted to paint on some of their jackets and Jeans. We agreed on the condition that all proceedings went to WWF. The theme for the project then naturally became human pollution. We also made a work of art for their window at their shop in Torggata, Oslo. The artwork which later became the basis for of picture called, «Toxic wildlife».