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Toxic Wildlife

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If the humans continue to neglect the warning signs from the scientists, we might end up with a totally different planet, not far from the one depicted in this picture. By dumping toxic and radio active waste in our fragile nature, mutations may accrue, that in the worst case scenario will change our hole environment.

In this fictional dystopia of the future, we have made a giant Godzilla, mutated from old DNA of an extinct dinosaur. It has risen from the depths of the sea to take revenge on the destructive spices we call man. Then our top modern fighter jets and war ships will not stand a chance. Nor the Atomic bombs will not do the trick, as it eats them for breakfast.

The life of the average factory worker will be hard and monotone. There will not only be the poor of the third world countries that has to work them self to death, to keep the wheels of capitalism turning. Even here in the west, most men and women has to slave for the men in charge. The air they breath and the food the eat will be full of toxics and cancer will be as command as a cold is today. Life expectancy will drop and hopeful eyes will be hard to spot.

Only the rich and powerful will be able to breathe fresh air, high above the toxic clouds. There they can continue their lavish party and drink expansive champagne until they pass out. But the monster from the deep are taller then the tallest skyscraper, so no one is safe. The obese factory owners will serve nicely as appetizers, as they are full of grease and oil.

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