The Great Escape Trough the Conspiracy Wormwhole
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The Great Escape Trough the Conspiracy Wormwhole

kr 10.000,00

70×100 cm, 30 signed prints on paper, tax included

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Production Year2016
TechniquePen & markers
Numbered Edition30
Motif Size70x100

The picture that made Guttestreker. Our very first picture made together over the course of five months. We started out on different sides and eventually changed sides, over and over again. There where no rules, no predetermined theme or message, just plain fun and expression. But after a while, a clear picture arose and we continued down that path.

The picture that arose was about our world going to hell. Lava started poring out of the ground and a huge asteroid was on a collision course with earth. At the same time, a portal to a new world opened and almost everybody on earth tried to get their before its to late.

The world on the other side of the portal seems like the perfect place. Lots of beautiful colors and people having fun. But if you look a little closer, there is a lot of bad business being conducted here as well. This is suppose to illustrate how it is for immigrants to come to the western world. They are running from a world in chaos whit no hope for a better future, to a new world who seems so nice, but under the surface, things are not as they seem.