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Its Time

15,000.00 kr

70 x 100 cm, 30 signed prints on paper, tax. included


The picture illustrates the animal within the man. In the center of the picture there is a desperate man running towards the forest. He is a stone-age man, who lived among the other animals on the savanna, about twenty years ago. Since then, the humans have done huge leaps in technology. This has led us to believe that we are a special being, different from all the other animals living on this planet.

The man is running towards the forest and the tree of life, which is threatened on different fronts. Huge waves, representing global warming, are coming crushing down from the left. At the same time, the home of the wild animals are being cut down from the right. The pastures needs to expand to meet the growing demand for food worldwide.

Time is about to run out for the forest and humanities ability to stop the catastrophe. That’s why the three clocks are set to three to twelve. Nobody knows what happens at midnight, but time for action is now. Humanities focus needs to be moved from capitalization to sustainable measures. All the buildings around the running man are financial buildings from all over the world to emphasize that this is a global problem.

The mountains to the right are representing the East-African mountains that created the modern human race called Homo Sapiens, about two hundred years ago. When the two continental shelfs got pushed against each other, the mountain chain changed the conditions westward, through Africa. Rainforest, savannas and huge lakes were created, and the first steps of man were taken. Since then, humans has begun to dam the precious water, which dries out the land further down the river. This is said to be one of the triggering factors for war, in the coming years. At the same time, the factories are polluting what’s left of the shrinking river, before the animals that we eat, drinks it. The bad cycle continues and we destroy our self’s and all the other animals on the planet.