An Atlantic Adventure

kr 25.000,00


Production Year2021
Numbered Edition50
Motif Size70 x 100 cm
Sheet size82 x 112

An adventure of five friends, crossing the enormous Atlantic ocean. Together they conquered the vast and brutal ocean. Only through teamwork, could they achieve the great goal they had set for themselves. Before entering the beautiful Caribbean where they spent the best days of their lives. But these men are not the only ones that have crossed this vast ocean.

Since the time of the Conquistadores, millions of slaves have been dragged across the sea to a new life in chains. It’s their descendants who now live in poverty on the different islands of the Caribbean. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the father of the famous author Alexander Dumas, was born on the 25th of March 1762, in the French colony of Saint-Dominique, now known as Haiti. His mother was a slave of African descent and his father a nobleman from France. He was born a slave, but his father took him across the sea to France, to have him educated. When he arrived, he was no longer a slave and he joined the military. He later became the first person of color to become general-in-chief of a French army, after just 7 years. You may find a statue of him, hidden in the forest on one of the islands.

But it is not only Africans who have paid a big price for human greed. The ocean is filling up with plastic and we are dumping toxic waste on a big scale. The animals who live beneath the surface, can’t rage a war or even write an angry chronicle. They are destined to accept whatever we decide to do with their habitat. We all came from the ocean, millions of years ago, but we seem to have forgotten that. And just like the dinosaurs got extinct by a meteor crash in the Caribbean 65 million years ago, we are now in the midst of mass extinction.

So next time you are on a cruise, taking in the beautiful scenery, just remember, we all have to contribute and collaborate, for this beautiful place we call our planet, to stay that way.