kr 10.000,00

Size: 87 x 70 cm


Production Year2018
TechniquePen & digital marker
Numbered Edition20
Motif Size70x85

A place created by the creator, a dream realm, with no start and no end. Just raw infinite

subconsciousness, that keeps building and destroying.


The dream realm «Limbo» exists as a shared space for dreamers and creatives. Where

any dreamer can make alterations and create their own little hub without limits or obstacles. Just

pure and free creativity, most often the first thing that pops into your head. Because of all this free

space to create and no limitations, the dream realm can often be manifested into being the

preferred world. And many of the dreamers would lose their awareness of the real world, and be

trapped in the realm.


This may lead to associations to mental health issues, where people create their own

world, to escape the harsh reality of the real world. This can be a beautiful world for the dreamer,

where everything smells like roses, while at the same time things are falling apart in the real world.

The picture may also lead to associations to the playful imagination of a child. Children can

get lost in their daydreams and wander around there for hours. Here everything is possible, and

the laws of nature are broken all the time. Even when we grow up, we get tempted to glide into our

daydreams and take a vacation there, before we are thrown back into the gray and boring reality

we call the real world.


Which world is real is not always so obvious. Many scientists are arguing that the world we

are living in, is a hologram, created by super-intelligent beings outside our universe. Who knows,

maybe it is God who sits wonders about all the crazy things we humans are up to on this godforsaken place, on the edge of the Milky Way, surrounded by the vast and empty space.

There is definitely room for interpretation, for the universe is massive and your inner space,

even bigger. Find time to flow and do not let the limitations of nature’s laws stop you. For the

kingdom is yours and the power and glory in eternity.