An Atlantis Adventure

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Production Year2023
Numbered Edition75
Motif Size100x70 cm
Certificate of AuthenticityYes

In the summer of 2021, the Senate in the United States decided on a report that contained information about UFOs, obtained by the US military. In connection with this report, several of the witnesses were interviewed by the renowned investigative journalism program “60 minutes”. A fighter pilot was one of the witnesses in the report. He had flown up and down the country’s east coast almost every day for two years. At the same location every day, he and his colleagues observed unidentified objects moving abnormally just above the surface of the water. Could it be that these objects came from a world below the surface of the sea? Because we know more about the universe than about the bottom of the sea, so it might as well be where they come from? Perhaps from Atlantis itself?

The lost city of Atlantis was first described by Plato as the most technologically advanced city, with the smartest people. The city was swallowed by the sea, without anyone being able to tell how it happened. Could it be that some of the people were trapped in an air pocket inside the city, where they learned to work together to survive. They had to throw away their old methods of fighting and destroying each other, and rather cooperate. In this way, they achieved a much better technology than us, and created vessels that are just as good on land as they are on water. Because it is during war that we have the most advanced technological development. It shows us that the resources are there, it’s just a matter of will.

Life arose at the bottom of the ocean, near hydrothermal vents, where chemistry was transformed into biology. These have been found along the Atlantic ridge, one of several potential locations for the fabled city. We have evolved a lot since the time proteins bound together and created life as we know it today. The planet is full of amazing creatures, all descended from the same bacteria that first saw the light of day about 4 billion years ago. The dolphin, which, like us, has passed the “Mirror test”, is obviously an intellectual creature, and is, like us, a predator. But at the same time, the dolphin is also a skilled hunter who uses cooperation to gain an advantage over the other animals. But now the dolphin faces a powerful enemy it cannot defeat on its own. The bacteria that once filled the world’s oceans have evolved into hyperintellectual creatures that not only send humans to the moon, but also create global climate change.

The legend tells of when the Sumerian King Gilgamesh, about nine thousand years ago, dived to the bottom of the sea to find a plant that would give him eternal life, cursed the gods, who sent a flood of sin. The legend depicts what happened when the last ice age ended. Then the temperature on earth rose violently, so that the glaciers melted and the oceans spread. They rose as much as one meter a year for one hundred and twenty years, in the area around the ancient Sumerian Empire in present-day Iraq. This event had major consequences all over the world and may be the reason why the high-tech Atlantis sank into the sea.

Now that humanity has ruled the Earth’s underworld for over nine thousand years, they have managed to create a new global warming, so that history repeats itself. This time, it is not just human civilizations that are exposed to rising seas, but all the world’s creatures are exposed in an increasingly vulnerable ecosystem. While technologists like Elon Musk talk about populating Mars and turning us into Aliens out there in the universe, we believe that humans must balance the accounts here on Earth and solve the challenges we face, before we go out into the universe and populate plants there. By being inspired by the dolphin’s cooperative abilities, but throwing off the predator mentality, we can solve all the problems we face and achieve a symbiosis with the rest of nature, instead of destroying it.


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