kr 20.000,00

50 x 70cm


Production Year2016
TechniquePen & markers
Numbered Edition25
Motif Size50x65 cm

The picture is illustrating the lavish party we in the west are living in. With alcohol in every glass, we are drinking our self’s even dumber, toast after toast. If you want to join the party, you better get something in your glass, before someone asks you why in the world you are not drinking?

Alcohol brings not only death and destruction, but can also bring different people from all classes and cultures together. The laughter is loose and contemporary friendships are made and broken in and instant. If you master the social codes, you can clime high on the social latter. There you may find advantages you never find somewhere else.

The promiscuous drink can bring out the worst in us. A little leprechaun can suddenly appear on your shoulder, whispering dangerous plans in your ear. They are thirsty and want to fuck shit up. They represent the old prejudices that we still carry within us. Deep scars that takes centuries to heal.

All over the world today, you can go to a zoo or a circus and see the animals of the wild, from a safe and comfortable distance. There they have to live their lives, behind bars and huge fences, to bring joy to ours. As slaves to our needs, without any possibility to ever returning to their natural habitat. If they, against all odds, succeed in doing so, the incarceration will have destroyed them forever.

At the same time, human beings are incarcerated all around the world. Their path through life, has probably not been easy. Tough environments has sculptured them through many years. When they enter the real world, after years of incarceration, they might feel like a troll, peeking nervously out from beneath the stairs.