Waves of matter

kr 16.000,00

50 x 65


Production Year2018
TechniquePen, markers & digital markers
Numbered Edition30
Motif Size50x65 cm

As the sun sets behind the city, an attorney presents his claim. He tends to prove that the

future exists. This eliminates free will, which in turn makes us unaccountable for our actions. Therefor his client is not to be blamed for his behavior. The attorney flicks a coin and proceeds with his case:

«The universe is governed by physical laws. Some of these laws have been discovered by

humans, but there are still a lot of things that we don´t understand. But even though our understanding

of the universe is limited, we are still bound to follow its laws. In contrast to human-made

laws, which only exist as abstract concepts of the human mind.

In this courtroom, you will find four pieces of evidence. The first is that of Newton´s balls

of balance, which demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy. The balls have no choice

but to succumb to the laws of the universe and react accordingly. If this is true for all matter, then

every outcome of any given situation is predetermined. This brings us to the next piece of evidence.

The chart on the left side of the honorable jury shows the weather forecast of today. Just like

meteorologists can predict the weather, to a certain extent.. we could, in theory, predict the future.

If we only had all the information, about every single interaction in the universe, at all times.

Let me introduce Albert Einstein on the witness stand. He solved some of the biggest

mysteries humans have ever encountered. One of his gifts to humanity is the discovery of spacetime,

which is visualized on the chart to the right side of the jury. This theory predicts how space

and time are deeply connected, and how they can be manipulated by speed and gravity. The theory

has been proven and is established as one of the fundamental building blocks of modern science.

One of the aspects of the theory predicts that the future already is in existence. Isn´t that right Mr.


The famous scientist nods eagerly.

«The last piece of evidence is an experiment named: Quantum delayed choice experiment.

First conducted in Denmark back in 1999, as an extension of the more well-known: double-slit experiment.

The common presumption by scientists today is that it shows how two entangled subatomic

particles, can go back in time and interact with each other. May I propose a different approach:

They may interact with the future, not the past..»

The tall attorney reveals the flicked coin in his palm. raising it high up from the ground, so

that everyone can see.

«This coin came traveling through the air, after leaving my thump with a certain speed and

a certain spin.». The courtroom is dead silent as he reveals the seemingly uncertain outcome of

either heads or tails. «Are not the outcome of this coin toss already predetermined by the physical

laws of the universe?» He lets the crowd take it in before he serves the blow:

«If so, then are not my client a victim of a predetermined future?»

!The crowd, which is filled with serial killers, dictators, and other bad behaving politicians,

antagonists from fairytales, and evil gods and demons, are all celebrating. Finally, they are free of guilt,

since they are not to be blamed for their actions. They embrace each other and laugh so hard

and loud that you could barely hear a pin drop if it weighed a ton.

! On the balcony above, there are different reactions. Nora, from «A doll´s house» by Ibsen,

is in shock after realizing that she does not have free will after all. Santa is terrified by the notion that

his list of naughty and nice no longer apply and Jesus Christ is thrown by the display of evidence,

which makes his sacrifice pointless. While the press is nourished by the blood and continues to write

stories that sell.

!The twelve angry men of the jury are not so sure what to believe. They are not even sure if

they understand this preposterous claim. They put their trust in the conservative judge Kavanaugh.

He has just been appointed to the position of supreme court justice, so he should be equipped for

the task. Sadly, the judge was sleepy this afternoon and did not pay attention to the arguments.

Had he only taken a bit of the apple, he might have gained new knowledge and changed his course.